Why Enrich?

That’s a good question!  With so many opportunities for activities for our children, why choose an after school enrichment program like Allstars?  I call it the “Spaghetti Theory”.  When I was taught to cook spaghetti back in the day, I was instructed to throw a strand against the refrigerator to see if it stuck, and if it did, it was cooked.  So, as this “theory” applies to kids, enrichment is a chance to throw a class at a child and see if it sticks!  Not sure if your child is a future architect, dancer, artist or sports star?  Allstars classes are where they can drop by for a short stay and explore.  Conveniently located on the kids’ home turf school campuses, they can feel comfortable and at ease and it’s convenient for parents.  We live for those moments when a child discovers a new interest, gains self-confidence or mastery!