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All Fitness classes are taught with your child’s safety and well being as our priority.  Many of our teachers are or have been professionals in their sport.  Along with learning and practicing the basics of each sport, teamwork and sportsmanship are emphasized in all our classes.  We accept all levels of  ability and have an all inclusive policy.



This class focuses on all the skills needed to play—dribbling, passing, shooting, guarding, offense and defense strategies and game rules are all taught.


Flag Football

This is a no-contact class. Students learn how to throw, receive, kick, punt, block, cover, offense and defense strategies, and rules of the game.



This class works on skills for players of all levels, including dribbling, passing, trapping, and shooting. Older students will work on technical skill such as cut backs, single and double step-overs, and crossing the ball.  This is a no-cleats class, and shin guards may be provided by parents.


U.F.C. (Ultimate Fitness Challenge!)

This exciting class combines fun and fitness. Students will develop their athletic skills through wacky games, challenging obstacles and engaging team building activities, all culminating in the Ultimate Fitness Challenge Competition on the last class!

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